How to Make Giant Bubbles

Making giant soap bubbles can provide hours of entertainment for you and your family! For this activity, you will require the following supplies:


1. Dawn Dishwashing Liquid


2. Two Buckets


3 A Large Shallow Pan

4. Water

5 Straws and 


6. High Grade Bubble Solution

Start by filling one bucket halfway with warm water. Dissolve 1/4 cup of Dawn dishwashing liquid into it by stirring thoroughly; set this bucket aside while filling another one halfway with lukewarm water and adding 1/4 cup of high-grade bubble solution – stir this solution evenly using a stick!


Once both solutions have been combined in a shallow pan, stir for one to two minutes until a uniform consistency has been reached in order to avoid pan clumping.


Dip the bubble wand in your bubble solution pan. Take it out, pull it gently out, twirl gently around in circles until a large bubble scale forms; as more bubbles accumulate as you continue twirling it will eventually burst!


Start dipping and gently twirling the wand in bubble solution until desired number of giant bubbles have formed – depending on grade of solution and wind conditions, their sizes may differ accordingly.


As soon as your bubbles reach a size you prefer, carefully pop them with your hands. Gently brushing over its surface with fingers may work best as any sudden hard pops could rupture it and disperse the solution quickly.


Now it is time to show off those giant soap bubbles you made! Don’t be shy; share your masterpieces with all your friends and family, too. With these easy instructions you’re set up for making enormous soap bubbles for hours of enjoyment and laughter!



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